Dermaplaning Facial

Bye-bye peach fuzz!

Immediately see results with a safe and gentle dermaplaning facial that exfoliates your skin. It strengthens and thickens your skin, which thins over time as we age and it helps encourage collagen and elastin production, helps with acne scarring, brightens dull complexions and allows your skin to better absorb daily care products. Temporary removal of the vellus hair or ‘peach fuzz’ is an added benefit of dermaplaning, and is oftentimes the main goal for clients wanting this treatment. Safe for all skin types.


BENEFITS: Exfoliates your skin, brightens dull complexions, removes peach fuzz hair. Results are immediate and noticeable!

DURATION: 60 min | $95 


RECOMMENDED FOR: All skin types and conditions, dull complexions, Anyone that wants radiant skin!



My face feels smooth as glass!

I received a treatment yesterday called dermaplaning and today my face feels amazing. I no longer have redness across my t-zone and my face feels as smooth as glass. I am a customer for life. I have never seen such dramatic improvement in such a short amount of time as I did after my treatment with Kristen. Thank you Kristen for making my skin feel cleaner and softer than it has in a long time!
— A.I.