Hair Removal

Eyebrow or Lip $15

Eyebrow Makeover - Trim, Tint, Tweeze $25

Eyebrow Tint $15

I proudly use Nufree, the only antibacterial, antimicrobial, non-wax hair removal system in the world. It was developed over 25 years ago to help plastic surgeons remove hair from a patient before surgery. Here are just a few of the reasons why Nufree is an industry leader in hair removal:

  • Nufree is NOT A WAX and never sticks to the skin, so you won't experience the pain, redness, or swelling of typical wax treatments.
  • Nufree is soy-based, self-preserving and antibacterial/antimicrobial so its safe, clean and germ free.
  • Nufree is completely BOTANICAL and safe for the entire body.
  • Nufree uproots the entire bulb and hair shaft and doesn't break the hair off the way shavers and waxes do.
  • Nufree doesn’t dry and can be erased any time!
  • Nufree is scientifically tested and uses no animal products.
  • I never double dip!

My skin is still glowing.

“My skin is still glowing from my facial two days ago and feels so silky smooth. Kristen is so passionate and knowledgeable about skin care, and I love the products she uses. The atmosphere is so calming and the facial was so relaxing – I did not want to leave. I am so looking forward to my next facial. Thank you so much Kristen!”

— M.S.

The results are wonderful!

“Kristin is amazing! She tailors her treatment to your type of skin, and the results are wonderful. And the product line she carries, PCA Skin, actually works and does not cost a fortune. And hour with Kristin is rejuvenating; my skin has never looked so good.”

— E.R.

I was so relaxed that I actually fell asleep..

“Let's face it is beautifully appointed. The room is warm and inviting, a perfect setting for a facial. Kristin is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of skin care. Her facials are amazing. In fact, I was so relaxed that I actually fell asleep.”

— L.A.

Are you ready for smooth, sexy skin?

Accept no substitutions... there is only one non-wax hair removal process. Experience yours today.